Buffet 6 Drawers

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Quick Overview

Buy buffet 6 drawers, High Quality French Furniture made in Indonesia we have huge selection of Bedroom Furniture in french style design and choose from white painted furniture, gold gilt, silver leaf, and other beautiful finishes, an elegance hand carved mango with superb craftsmanship and beautiful finishes of french style furniture.


Material: Solid mango wood
Finish: ceruse color
Fabric: None
Price: Excluding shipping cost

5 things you should know about our furniture before you buy:

1. We use kiln dried wood, the moisture content is under 8 percent
2. We treat our wood into vacuum pressure machine to kill any woodworms or termites
3. We use high quality materials of wood, stain, and other materials for our furniture
4. We use best construction techniques
5. We have skilled craftsman and finishing guys
Please note that our products are fully customizable in alternative colors and dimensions. Please state how you would like it customized during the submission process. Price varies according to selected finishes and dimensions.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 x 50 x 91 cm